Sunday, May 31, 2009

What a weekend...What a swim

Things kicked off Friday when Dave and I went swimming at Guelph lake. We did 3km of swimming mixed in was some tempo and short pickups. Then On the Saturday we did a 75min ride then a 6-7km easy run with some pick ups. We later went to the Milton race site to do a 20min swim and the water was about 65 so very swim able. Dave and I went home and hung out playing some rock band and later went to James Loaring house and played poker. Then it came down to the race on Sunday. I was only doing the swim at the Milton race so I was pretty relaxed going in. I wanted to go under 10;00min for the 750m. At the start I found Wolfgangs feet and stayed on them till the last turn then dropped back about 5 meters and then as we came out the water I ran up behind him. So I hit the sport stats mat just behind Dave and Wolfgang so I swam in in 9:58 that is a whole min and a bit that I took off so I am very happy with that. Big thanks to be people at Xterra there wetsuit is by far the best I have ever had!!