Monday, August 31, 2009

Back to it!

I am back to training again. today was the start to my Duathlon worlds prep. I have a few goals over the next 4 weeks. The first one is to be able to run a 15:45 5km I need to find 5 seconds some where! Also work on running a very fast 2.5km off the bike.

Last week I spend sometime just doing light training, a few runs and just kinda relaxing to get myself ready to work for the next 3 weeks. I also did alot of hanging out with David and also started looking for a job again (very fun!). I don't really have that much more going on in my life. As for today I did a 1:45 bike with pickups and then later David is coming over and we will be running some hills.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Getting it done in my first Xterra

Sorry I was slow to update my blog I was a Davids House helping him get ready for his 70.3 this weekend (he is ready to have a good race I will tell you that much!) also good job and good luck to team Ontario For some good racing on Tuesday and good luck to them on Friday for there relay.

Now as for my xterra I will start off by telling you it was hard. It was in New York on a ski hill a little bigger and steeper then Blue Mountain. The course was a 2 loop swim of 750 and the bike was 3 loops of 9kms. It was the hardest trials I have ever ridden. The bike course had no flat pairs to it, you are descending or climbing up the mountain. It was a very hot day so some of the climbs out in the open sun were every hard. There was one part in the climb call the wall, it was the steepest hill i have ever ridden basically you went right up the ski hill on a rocky path meant for the snow cats. right in the hot sun and the first time up it was the worst because in your head you knew you had to do it 2 more times.

So to make it short and sweet it was 3 loops of down the ski hill then up the ski hill. Also the downhill was so hard that you could not rest you ended up working just as hard due to how technical the trials were. The the run was one loop of the bike course so still very very hard.

Now that you know the course and understand how hard it was this is how it went down. I lead the whole 1500m swim with a time of 19:40 (I think it was short) Then onto the bike I got passed in the first km by a very good mountain bike rider and then I held second till half way threw the second lap and then got passed again. After that I really started to pick it up so I wouldnt lose more time to the two guys ahead of me. I got off the bike and started my run fast I felt good (I have More fitness then i thought) I started to feel the hurt right around the 5km mark so I had a bit of a power gel and then picked it right up again. I had the fastest run split of the day and didn't re roll my ankle! It was my biggest fear going in.

All in all a great race and if anyone is looking to try and xterra this one may not be the best one out there. People talk about this one being the second hardest to xterra world champs. If you are looking for a hard day then this is the race for you very well run and a big thanks to the guys that put it on...check them out!!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Bad day for C3

Today we had are hard run work out. We warmed up for 20mins and then had to do 3x2km on 10min I ran the first 2 well and on the 3rd one I really started to hurt and in the last 200m on the third one I hit a groundhog hole and rolled my ankle. This was the most painful one of all my rolled ankles. I still have the plan of racing this weekend but I am going to take care of this. Also Andrew Woegerer sucked down a bee on are first 2km and his air pipe started to close so he went to the hospital we are just about to go see him. What a day!!

Monday, August 10, 2009

2 races 2 wins

When my watched started to beep at 5:30am yesterday I felt like crap. My head hurt and I didn't feel ready to race. I got to the race site and started in my warm up and still didn't feel good. I was happy to see my good Friends Dorelle and Alexander at the race (Dorelle was not racing because she is getting ready to have a big race in PEI)

As the swim stated i had a really slow start but got my head in the game and jumped on Matt Reids feet. there was a group of 7 all 15 seconds apart I was 4th out and only 11 seconds down from Tom Lokody. I had a very fast transition and made up time on most people. I hit the bike and started to put the hammer down I had put a gap into everyone and at around the 2km mark I was about to pass Tom Lokody but held off because we had a sharp right hand turn. Tom hit the turn first and washed out, the road was a little wet. With me about to pass I was very close to him and almost went down myself but I kept the bike on 2 wheels. I hit the big hill and I wanted to stick with my game plan of not going to hard up. It worked no one passed me up the climb and as soon as I was up it I started to fly agian I still had the lead on the bike going down the hill but after seeing Tom go down I was scared of washing out myself and the lead car got stuck behind somee other cars so lots was going on down the hill. I knew that I lost a big part of my lead going down the hill so i knew that I would need to have a good run.

I was first out of transition but not in good shape I was very tired from a hard swim to bike so my first km was very slow but started to pick it up knowing I had fast guys behind me. After alot of help from Jerry (lead car/biker) I won my first Triathlon in Ontario. Its about time!!!! it felt awesome to win but still something I was not Happy with. My run was trash because I pushed alot of the bike hard. I should have been about 12 seconds faster per km. With duahtlon worlds comming I need to have some better running.

The last 2 races I have done I have won lets hope I can do it at Xterra! Game plan very fast swim hang on the bike and try not to lose alot of time then hammer the run and try to win.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Gatorade sweat test...AWESOME!

I just love food after a hard swim

So my overall thoughts of the Gatorade sweat test...Awesome! It was very helpful and I learned alot about my body and how to fight dehydration. So I am 100% back on my game. Today at are brick I was riding well and swimming really well! Its nice to see things turning around again. I am no longer racing Windsor I will be in Niagara. other then that not much else going on.

Karsten Madsen