Tuesday, June 29, 2010

First jr elite race

Well I sucked in my first draft race of the year. I had a slow start to the swim and had a hard time bringing them back. Next time crush the first 100m and get going! I came out of the water with 7 or so guys and as I came into transition I saw Taylor Reid leaving so I just hammered to bridge up to him. Then Taylor and I started to catch people only problem everyone we passed couldn't ride with us. They would hang for a bit maybe take one pull at most. Taylor and I pretty much just rode the whole bike by are self's. Got onto the run and ran pretty good. its hard to run hard when you are racing for like 19th place. Pretty much the same story as Ian Donald...Next race need to crush the swim and I will be much better off.

One good thing came out of this race...On the run I kept getting faster and faster, I cant wait till I can do Olympic. I feel that I have a hard time getting going in the water and run but the longer it is the faster I get. I really really wish I could do an Olympic draft race. To bad there is a rule saying JR's cant race Olympic :s makes a big jump for some people...

Any who I will be in the next trisport race racing the sprint. I am training hard right up till race day so I will be racing with heavy legs should be fun...another short little race.

Also wanted to Say thanks to my Mom and Dad for the support the have given me... I think I am truly lucky to have parents that care as much as they do. I was pretty bummed out about the race and they made me feel better and asked me what do I need to succeed next time. Sometimes its great to have parents that know what your going threw. In the mid to late 90's nobody could beat my dads bike times... and my mom was probably one of the best duathletes Ontario has had. Both my parents have done Ironman Canada so they know what its like to train hard and put up big hours.

Karsten Madsen

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Good swimming

15x100yards on 1:30 holding 1:05-1:06 not too bad only really started to feel it on the last 2. Today i did my bike workout and forgot to look at the radar map and I paid dearly! It was kinda fun to be out in the rain busting my butt. I am starting to feel strong and fast perfect timing to!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Quick Guelph lake update and stuff

*you can see me with out a cap just getting out of the water

Some good and some bad came out of Guelph. In the sprint race had a good swim and bike but had a little over heating problem on the run...I will figure it out before my big race this weekend. i will admit that I have problem racing threw the heat so my goal is to get better heat trained... fingers crossed mother nature can give me some heat!! I also did the Olympic swim today and had a pretty good swim even though David or somebody punched me in the eye so my one goggle popped off and i got a nice black eye... but you can see in the picture how close I was to them even with missing the pack with the goggle problem. I then took the other lap really easy.

I have some little work i need to do...got to work on some bike to run but i will figure it out. I leave for Quebec on Thursday, driving down with Taylor and Yorke anyways that's all i got.

maybe an update around Wednesday

Friday, June 18, 2010

still 10 years old...

Both David and I had a day off on Wednesday so we decided to have a pool party. He came over at around 1pm and we got right into the pool and started playing a jumping game :s i sucked at it so he thought of another fun thing. We got a kayak and put it in the pool. I tipped it trying to get into it. After all the fun it was time to get down to business. David wanted to change is tt bike to a road bike so we worked on that for a bit.

As for training I needed a bit of a rest I have been going pretty hard the last little bit. One thing for sure I am thin and ready to rock in the first jr elite race of the year...

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The low down!

David recking a nice News Years family walk by tackling me.

So for anyone wondering I didn't race Milton I was going to i had the car all packed with all my gear and i felt ready to roll. I woke up with my allergies really acting up so I put in eye drops I put on a breath right strip but i still just didn't feel myself (and everyone asked me if i broke my noise). I made the call that I would just cheer on my team mates.

I plan to race in Guelph lake and will be ready to rock there... I have a big brick workout with all the c3 guys it will be good to test my fitness against them. I am getting myself super fit for the first Jr elite race!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

looking for new tri gear? want to save money?

So with the Triathlon season just underway its not to late to get a new race suit. After using Kiwami race suit for a open water swim and the brick Duathlon I am safe to say its the best suit I have ever tried on! I have tried on pretty much every suit they sell and right from the itu style suits to the Iron man suits they are by far the best compared to others! The materials and the quality of the suit is just way ahead of any other suit on the market! I mean there are not to many suits that you put on and you know right away that this is the suit for you. Now you can get 5% off anything on the site. They do custom itu printing too!

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Karsten Madsen

Last few weeks

the face of hard work!

I have been very very busy the last few weeks had a race on the Holiday Monday. Got DQ because my bike shoe came off at the dismount line and rather then pick it up and bring it into transition I just threw it to the side dumb i know i should have just picked it up. I also was at the c3 golf day helping out. Did some open water swims, loving how warm the water is at this time of year, I am already swimming with no cap! Then last weekend I went up to Caledon after work and did some training with the boys in the morning then in the afternoon we were setting up the race site for the kids triathlon! Had a nice little BBQ at Krystal's house (Sean's girlfriend)talk about some Costco meats...Then on the Sunday May 30th was the kids races so we were there really early 6:30am and then worked till 7:30 long day in the sun. It was all worth it just seeing how much fun the kids had.

As for right now in my life I have a long bike ride today and then I have work and a swim. I am still thinking about Milton I kinda thought i would have had my mind made up by now but i don't.