Saturday, May 2, 2009

Its May already!

I have been getting back to training and started speed work. I was doing a goo track workout on Monday... It was 12x300m with 1:30 rest I was running an av of 51 sec to 52. On the Wednesday we did another track work out a little different it was 500m, 2X400m, 3x300m 4x200m all with 1:30 rest. I ran 1:25 for the 500m and for the 300m I was holding 49 low so the speed is coming.

As for the Bike I have started to feel powerful. I was doing hill repeats by my house and I was alternating from big gears to small gears and standing to sitting. I have started to get use to my TT position again. When I was first on it in March I could only ride 1km in the aerobars before I had to sit up now I can go for 20km before I want to stand up.

The swim is slowly coming back. My arms are sour but that's what will happen when you take a week off swimming well you are sick. I have a 5km race tomorrow Its the same one that's long from last year, its about 5.2km. I know the course has changed due to construction so it may change for the better. If it is 5km on the dot I hope to run 16:00-16:15

Karsten Madsen