Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Back after long time away from the blog

2014 is coming fast and I am making the most of training. This year I am addressing a issue that I have and that is swimming and weight. I have been working with good friend Dave Sharratt in the water out of Guelph I have been swimming 6-7 swims a week for the last 2 months. I am starting to get back to feeling the way I used to in the water if not better. looking back at old workouts I used to do I am around 5 seconds faster a 100 now. That is pool swimming tho I need to find a way to make some bigger strides in the open water. Next issue I wanted to work on is weight racing at 185 is just not acceptable for my body type. I will plan to race around 167 for race weight and 172ish for normal weight as of right now I sit around 177. My thought is with around 10lbs lost should help keep away injury. My want to train is good and am finding joy in what I am doing. 2013 was a good break out year for me in Xterra but like any athlete on to the next year with bigger goals. This is a year I need to step up and make a push to be one of the top guys day in day out. A lot of movement has happened for me in in terms of sponsorship moving forward to 2014. I would like to Thank all my current and New Sponsors, with out this help non of what I do could be possible and I thank them so much!! 2014 Sponsorship Team Norco Bikes Aqua sphere- Great wetsuits 1mm in the arms love it! Goggles best I have used Alta- zero drop shoes but with cushion best shoes I have ever run in. Yurbuds- head phones that never fall out or hurt what more needs to be said? CEP- 30% increased blood flow best compression you can get...fact Champion System- They have the best race suit and give me the creativity to make my own design nothing better (lowest Minimums to do custom clothing you only need 10 total pieces) Clif Bar- Love all the products they make and use this everyday weather its a snack during before or after clif is lights out awesome. Honey Maxx- The best sports drink I have ever used period...Good taste and gives long lasting energy. Rudy project- I am very happy to have signed another 3 year deal with Rudy project! having the best protection is a very important part of racing Xterra Polar- Racing with a heart rate is very important to me as I race with heart defect. knowing what my body is doing means everything to me. Enve - carbon wheels and accessories