Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Breakthrough Endurance Race week

After a lot of travel I am home after a very busy week. The race I was at put on by Breakthrough Endurance http://www.beraceseries.com/ went awesome lots of people helped out to make it a success. The week leading into the race was going really well for me. My peroneal tendonitis was not hurting and I was feeling good. However leading into the race I had not a lot of run fitness due to the fact I had not really run for 7 weeks before the race. Friday Was the super sprint 200m swim 4.6 mile hard mtb 1.6 trial run at a all out effort. I swam as hard as I could and came out with the normal guys I would come out with and on the bike at the start moved my way into 4th. had a small dumb crash and before you know it I was sitting in 6th on the bike. I had Josiah Middaugh on my wheel for the rest of the ride. When we pulled into transition their was pretty much all of us together going onto the run I ran the best i could for the run fitness i had and came in 6th or 7th. The fun part of the race was their was not a lot separating us all so you could not let up once. Cool idea to do a off road super sprint i had so much fun with it and I think all the other guys had fun with it too. Saturday was the big day 1500m swim 28ish km on the mtb and 9-10km on the run. My swim I was very happy with came out 5th out of the water with a time of around 17:25 (it was short) I had a great transition and felt pretty good on the bike. After the first Lap I had moved my way up to Second Behind Dan Hugo. I then held that for another 2 laps till Craig then Josiah went by me. I got off the bike and was unsure what the body was going to do so I just made sure I picked a run speed that would not have me fall apart. I was happy with my run considering the injury I had over come, but I just could not attack on the run but held on for 7th place overall in the most Competive off road PRO race I have been apart of. I leave feeling very good about where I am going in this sport and being the youngest guy in the Race at 21 I have a ton of time to get better and develop my endurance and skills. I would Like to Thanks all my Sponsors and Supporters It would not be possible with out you!