Tuesday, September 30, 2008


So Things in the past week have been pretty busy. I have still been working lots and school is starting to pick up with tests and projects every week. I have been still running up a storm getting ready for my First cross country race of the year! I am super pumped for a good race!

Today's run work out as all on grass, I was doing a lap that was about 1:45 to do and it was at about 5km pace and then I would rest for 30 second and do a 35 second lap that was at about 1500m pace. then I would get 90seconds and do it again. I did 9 of them.

Karsten Madsen

Friday, September 26, 2008

Recover Better, run faster

I have upped the running again I'm now at about 15-17km a day. I am running 6 times a week and making sure I get all my recovery in. I have been doing speed work and hill repeats. I have set a new PB on some golf course hill I do, My old best was 49 something today I did it in 47.15. It was after doing 10km and 2 hill repeats. My running is really starting to come, I have been working on my Race resume. I am looking to BORROW a good treadmill for over the winter to keep my running up. I will be posting it on my blog went I find out how. I have my first cross country race in a weeks time! I have a good felling about it...i am super pumped now and ready to fly.

Karsten Madsen

Saturday, September 20, 2008


So on Thursday I had a run work out here it is...

2km warm up
3x1km taking 2min between each
2km cool down

Today I did 10km a bit under tempo pace 37:45

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

TT and xc

So don't really know where to start so...The night of the time trial i found out i moved up and age group and was racing 17-19 also i was no longer doing 15km i was doing 37km not that big of a deal but still. So I had to change some of my goals. I wanted to average more then 40km but i forgot about the lock out rule i have to lock my caset to 14 (for anyone that doesn't know bikes I am losing my 2 biggest gears. So i made to goal of getting at the 40km average. Ohh and ya hurricane Ike arrived that day so it was windy!! I rode the first half really hard knowing I would have a tale wind pushing me home. On the way back i was in my hardest gear spinning at only 52km- 54km if i had my 2 bigger gears I could have been in the high 50's. I forgot on how much time trialing really hurts. I went balls to the wall for 37 km. I sprinted the last 500m to get a few seconds, but I hurt so bad in the hips (I forgot to tell you I had to move my seat back 3cm!!! to fit the cycling rules) I couldn't pedal they hurt so bad I was having a really hard time walking.

I ended up with a av of 39.7 i was 8th and about 2:30sec a way form bronze. I have had a taste and i want more. I think in a years time i can move that 8th in to a top 3 or I could do some real soul searching as my parents like to call it and see if that's something i would like to forces on (don't worry i already know the answer to that question...triathlon is what i will forces on) I am thinking of a shorter tri season so i have more time to just bike. I would really like to in 2 years time win that race!

As for My xc training things are going good just doing lots of longer runs with one day of speed i plane on making 2 days next week and 3 days that following week.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Time Trial

I have my bike all clean and ready to go. The wheel set i am going to be using is 808's I would like to have put a disk on that back but i just don't have enough miles with a disk well i have actually never even ridden a disk so i will save trying the disk for another time. Since i grew out of my old tt suit i will be wearing a tri suit with a compression top under it. They have a rule in cycling that you must have your shoulder covered so a tri suit on its own is not allowed. I think its kinda dumb but they want a clean look just like triathlon with the rear zipper thing. Here is a picture of my set up (Mothers and there cameras)

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


So school is in full swing now and it really blows! I have started cross country so there is something to look forward to. I have been really unmotivated in the past week or so. I am trying to get pumped up on any little thing I can. I have TT provincials this weekend so maybe that will get me fired up leading into that. Cross country as been going pretty good, I am some how dragging my butt out of bed to ride 8km to school for cross country. I have been running anywhere from 10-7km. On of the workouts was 12x of a 1:20 loop. with a 2km warm up and cool down. I am also working 4 days a week now at the Outback to make some money. I work Monday,
Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

I will try to post more

Karsten Madsen

Monday, September 1, 2008

Guelph Lake 2

The last Tri of the year is now done. I came home from Pentiction on Tuesday morning that week so me being really tired played a bigger factor then i would have liked. The swim wasn't good at all, as I said I was tired but I did wake up at the 500M. I got on my bike and rode tempo for the first 4 mins then i really started to push and quickly went from about 7 in the race to 3rd. I came off the bike in 3rd and had a lead on 4th and 5th but in the run i gave alot on the bike and as i said i was tired from the travel i jsut died in the last 2km of the race. I ended up 5th over all and 1st in 19 and under.

Looking ahead to tt provincials I think i will be a factor for an overall win if things go my way! Guelph i wanted to have the fastest bike split but i have to keep in mind i am only 16 and i still have a ways to go before i see my best riding.
I will update Tri Dakota and some other stuff in the next few days
Karsten Madsen