Sunday, May 31, 2009

What a weekend...What a swim

Things kicked off Friday when Dave and I went swimming at Guelph lake. We did 3km of swimming mixed in was some tempo and short pickups. Then On the Saturday we did a 75min ride then a 6-7km easy run with some pick ups. We later went to the Milton race site to do a 20min swim and the water was about 65 so very swim able. Dave and I went home and hung out playing some rock band and later went to James Loaring house and played poker. Then it came down to the race on Sunday. I was only doing the swim at the Milton race so I was pretty relaxed going in. I wanted to go under 10;00min for the 750m. At the start I found Wolfgangs feet and stayed on them till the last turn then dropped back about 5 meters and then as we came out the water I ran up behind him. So I hit the sport stats mat just behind Dave and Wolfgang so I swam in in 9:58 that is a whole min and a bit that I took off so I am very happy with that. Big thanks to be people at Xterra there wetsuit is by far the best I have ever had!!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Rest of the week

This week was my last hard week before a recovery week. I have had a great week and its not over yet I still have 3 day left but all is going well so far. Yesterday I did a Tempo 50km ride Bricked into a 10km run. I ran a 36:00. I did it on a trial that runs along a river so they are working on the flood damage from the spring. There is a ton of sand that slows you down and eats at the legs and there is 600m of a rock garden so it slows you down to a jog. Its perfect for me to run on since I am working on getting use to running on sand, single track, rocks, etc. Xterra is going to be a hard 10km run so I need to get my body used to running on some more uneven things.

I think I already posted this but I will not be racing Milton. I will be doing the swim and then pulling out. It is to close to a big race the next weekend. I am ready to rock and roll for it. My goals for the race is to get out of the water with the second pack and run sub 17 for 5km I think I will be able to do this going by what I have run in the last few weeks.

Monday, May 25, 2009

KOS Race

What a weekend! Dave and I went down on Friday to start are work setting up the course. Everyone worked so hard setting up and running the races but it paid off. Watching the kids have fun at there first Triathlon was all the pay back i needed for the work we put in. It made me think about my first triathlon...I was 4 years old and did it with training wheels.

As for training I did a 2 hour ride on the Saturday with the group and on the Sunday Dave Sharratt and I did the 5km race we ran a tempo 17:30. If you look at the results it says Jen Hall was 3rd but it was Actually Dave. To day I had an awesome day.

50km bike ride with some hard pick ups bricked off into a run workout.

1km warm up then 5x1km on 5mins then 2km cool down

1. 2:56
2. 2:56
3. 2:57
4. 2:59
5. 2:59

All and all I am very happy to be running this fast after a bike ride. Dave Sharratt and I are trying to get in some open water swimming this week.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

2000m SC

So 3 weeks ago I ran my first Steeple chase race I ran it in 6:54 then I ran it agian last week and I ran a 6:43 then today i ran a 6:36. It was very hot and windy witch is odd. I am happy with my race today and I am now getting ready for my big day tomrw. The 3000m is going to be a great opertunnity to run 9:15-9:20. As for the rest of the day I rode for a very easy 50km then I did a very light grass run for 3km.

Monday, May 18, 2009

1 and 2 at the brick duathlon

Today I raced the Brick duathlon. Dave Sharratt and I have been hanging out alot and we went to the Jays game on the Friday. So Dave being the 2x winner going in we talked about this race for a good month.

First run, Taylor Reid and I went out hard going threw 1km at 2:55 and 2km at 5:58 I ended up with 12:47 for 4km 3:12 pace I was first onto the bike but didn't really get going until 5km in and that when Dave passed me. I rode in 2nd till the 15km mark when I was passed by 2 fast guys that came form the back of the race and then I stared to really work and didn't give anymore time up to the 2 guys on the bike. I ended up going into t2 down 1:00min form Dave and 20seconds from 2nd and I passed 3rd place going out of t2 and really started to work hard. I got to 2nd in the first km and then started to try and work on getting to Dave but it was to late he was just to far ahead. I ended up taking 30 seconds out of Dave. Dave and I called it that we would be 1 and 2 like a month ago.

I am super happy with my early season fitness I was happy with my biking but my running is really strong right now. I also deiced to pull out of the Milton race I will be there to do the swim but that will be all its just to close to the first Jr race.

Dave and I also jumped in my pool, it was 66 so not to bad but very fresh

race results

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Killing Track!

So real quick. The 3000m was super windy, 60km winds! I ran with a guy that I have not beaten since gr 10 cross county. We ran together until 3 laps to go where on one of the head winds I charged forward. I then really started to open a gap and in the last lap I ran hard to keep him off. I was super happy to beat this guy. He has gone 9:15 before so beating him by 4 seconds was very good! I was hoping to get a run standered with this race but with it being so windy that was not going to happen. I ran threw at 9:43 I know on a day with little wind I will go faster then 9:20. I have some pictures from my 2000m SC race and 3000m. I also won the 2000m SC race by a healthy 80seconds.

Thanks To Jamie Perez For the Pics.

Thursday, May 14, 2009


So real quick one yesterday i did the 2000m steeple chase I won by 80seconds with a time of 6:43 and beating my old D8 record. Today I have the 3000m and I am trying to go 9:15-9:20 I do have pictures of the race that I will put up later. Yesterday I got thinking about my running and I found all the 5k results in the last 5 years. I hope to still get to 15:50 by the end of the year

2009-16:11 age 17
2008-16:36 age 16
2007-16:57 age 15
2006-18:14 age 14
2006-18:30 age 14
2005-20:30 age 13
2005-22:24 age 13

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Long day on the bike

Today was mothers day and my mom being the great mother she is came along with my dad and I to my mountain bike race rather then enjoying her day. I raced as expert men so it was kinda cool being along side some of Canada's top mountain bikers. The course was SUPER MUDDY!!! They had 50mm of rain the night before so there was a ton of mud. There where about 5 parts that you needed to get off your bike and push threw thick mud. It really played a big factor in the race because it ate at the legs big time. Long Story Short I rode strong for 3 laps and in the last lap really stated to hurt. I am in some good shape right now and ready to go hard at the Waterloo dauthlon. Dave Sharratt and I have been talking about it for weeks!

Go Canns Go they are losing 2-0 right now don't worry Dave they can do it

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Mountian bike race!

So as some of you may know the last Mountain bike race I wanted to do didn't end up working out because of being sick. I am making up for that race tomorrow. I will be racing in expert men at 1:30pm at Albion hills. My goal for the race is to A. have fun B. see what my mountain bike fitness looks like, I will be doing an xterra race in late August and I am still working on getting my body used to 35km+ of mountain biking. So its a great opportunity to see how my body will feel after a hard 35km effort. Also looking ahead, the Waterloo Duathlon is very close (May 18Th) I am getting myself ready for a great race there. I have been feeling strong on the bike and even stronger off the bike so we will see what comes of it.

Today the car Broke down on the way to swimming so not wanting to miss swim practise I ran the last 2km to the pool it was a nice warm up. It was the first swim practise since been sick that i really felt strong and fast in the water. I will also be starting to think about getting in some open water training so fingers crossed the weather gets a little warmer!

Karsten Madsen

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Busting out a fast 5km

Today was a long day of training/Racing! I started off by racing a 5km in Kitchener. It started off great I was running fast but not killing myself. I ran threw the 2km mark at 6:05 that's when I slowed down and started to hurt hard from 2km-3km I was in a world of hurt running threw the 3km mark at 9:30. I was in third place with 4th storming his way up to me. Shortly after the 3km marker I got a second wind and opened a gap on 4th and started to run with some jump in the last 400m I really pushed I wanted to go 16:00-16:15 and I ran threw at 16:11 I am super happy with this result. Its a very hilly course so I still think I can get to 16:00.

Ps, the winner ran 15:05!

As for the rest of the day I did a 26km mountain bike ride and felt alot better then I thought. I had low air pressure so i was working hard that's for sure!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Its May already!

I have been getting back to training and started speed work. I was doing a goo track workout on Monday... It was 12x300m with 1:30 rest I was running an av of 51 sec to 52. On the Wednesday we did another track work out a little different it was 500m, 2X400m, 3x300m 4x200m all with 1:30 rest. I ran 1:25 for the 500m and for the 300m I was holding 49 low so the speed is coming.

As for the Bike I have started to feel powerful. I was doing hill repeats by my house and I was alternating from big gears to small gears and standing to sitting. I have started to get use to my TT position again. When I was first on it in March I could only ride 1km in the aerobars before I had to sit up now I can go for 20km before I want to stand up.

The swim is slowly coming back. My arms are sour but that's what will happen when you take a week off swimming well you are sick. I have a 5km race tomorrow Its the same one that's long from last year, its about 5.2km. I know the course has changed due to construction so it may change for the better. If it is 5km on the dot I hope to run 16:00-16:15

Karsten Madsen