Saturday, January 5, 2013

Its been way to long to not have a post. Thing have started to get back on track for me. Things with Turnpike Racing has been moving at the speed out light. Been super busy getting clothing together for the team. Cant wait to see the final look of are Champion System Kits. My hip is better for now. The MRI showed that my hip joint has a small bone spur on it and that what was giving me the trouble. Doctor said to get back to training and if it come back then they might have to go in and shave it. I am running around 3-4 days a week and my long run is now at 15km no pain. I have been riding on the indoor trainer and outside on days warmer then -5. Trunpike Racing is in full swing and is moving into 2013 with a stacked roster of talent across the board from ITU IM 70.3 Xterra 5150. Turnpike Racing is still looking for new athletes of all ability. Please e-mail Ohh did I mention I have sponsorship packages for every Program of training.