Tuesday, August 28, 2012

running and other things

My run training is going really well. I have started to feel strong and fast. Did some 400's and 200's on the track and started to feel the speed coming back into my legs. last week was a very hard week of running hard workouts and long miles. I have been using a new recovery drink from Elementz Nutrition. They have a killer recovery drink give them a look up on twitter or facebook @ElementzPro Another New Sponsor I am very Happy to have on board is ESI grips. they make just killer mtb grips. They also make stuff for the road and if your looking for a great set of grips they are the people to go to!!!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Blog is back from the dead!

Quick recap on Itu Cross worlds. Did not have the race I wanted to have. I lead out of the water but swam to slow and on the bike never found my grove And my chain didnt want to stay on my big ring and fell off 3 times 2 of them had to put it back on by hand. Tried to run down the 2 guys ahead of me but fell short and finished 3rd and only seconds away from second. I was not happy with my race but life goes on. I have kinda Dropped off the Map after that. With a Lack of sponsorship and Having to pay for school I had to go to work and make money and not spend any(this post has happy parts I swear). I will be going to school in September at Conestoga Collage. I am very pumped to be running for them. David Sharratt Will be coaching me till November and My goal is to be top 3 at OCAA's. I have potentially a very exciting job offer that I cant say what it is until its for sure but its a great company and hope it works out. In the Mean time I have been Installing Pools to pay the bills. I Have also had some great New from new sponsors and old ones stepping up. Big thanks to Rudy Project for stepping up! Along with Aqua Sphere and Xtenex laces. Thanks to Trek Bikes for help on getting bikes. Happy to Bring back On an old sponsor Gears Bike Shop will Be my Official bike shop! As for What I am going to do for the rest of this year? I am going to be running mainly until late October. Then I will be back training full time in Triathlon. An Idea for the races I will be doing looks as followed Xterra Las Vegas Xterra Alabama xterra Richmond Itu Cross worlds Xterra Mexico Xterra Canada happy to be back!