Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Sub 16

So real quick I ran a pretty good race, ran a 15:58 I know I still can go much faster I hope to run 15:50 next time

Monday, June 29, 2009


So things in Hamilton are going really week been doing a ton of training. I am starting to really feel fast in the water witch is always a good thing. I have a 5km road race tomorrow and I want to run a 15:50. I will update tomorrow with the time.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

World record in backyard swimming

So after a pretty hard Brick workout Dave came over to my house to cool off in the pool. Then we go the idea to do a 200m IM in my 6 or so meter pool. so I started off first, The fly was OK but as for the back we were all over the place and you are flipping o much you have no idea where you are in the pool. I ended up with a time of 53.11 So now it was Dave's turn he had the same problems I did of being all over the place. I just out touched him he was 53.35 (I think). The I go the great idea of doing a 400m IM lets just say it was like swimming with your eyes closed 15 turns in 1:53 will do that. Dave beat me big time in the 400m he went I think 1:45 not sure check his blog in the next few days if you actually care...

As for the brick workout it was hot! and there were not alot of use out for the workout the only guys I had to work with was Sean and David so the swim was killer they always but about 6-7 meters on me so I had to cut off the last dock we go around to catch back up (only about 40-50m I think)On the bike Sean and Dave where both on tt bikes and didn't want a draft so I just sat on there wheels. Then some kinda bad news On the second lap of the run i steped in a pot hole and when I went to pull out my heel really got pulled it didn't really hurt that much at first but has i kept running I could feel it more and more. Its still a little sore but I think i will be OK if I take care of it.

Today I am moving to Hamilton, I am really pumped to start working with those guys!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Last few days...

Look at stupid me almost cutting my head off

So After the race on Saturday my dad and I drove all the way back to Kitchener. Sunday I wanted to do some longer stuff so I did 70km bike bricked into a 10km run. I was pretty died after that. Then on Monday I did a hilly 15km run then later on in the day I rode 10km to an outdoor pool did a 4km swim workout then rode home and went to bed. As for today I did a 30min run and rested as for tomorrow is going to be a very hard brick workout with the boys form c3!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Race Report

SO the race was another solid race but still not where I would like to be. There are still good things I can take away from this like i had a good swim bike. I may have pushed the bike a Little to hard but it was worth it because everyone came together the only people we did not get was the lead group of about 5-7 guys. I was 3rd going into t2 but some where in the dismount or getting my shoes on I pulled my ham string making it a very uncomfortable run. I just pushed threw and made the best of it. I was a little disappointed that i could not show off my new and improved running like i did in Manitoba.

So today will be some easy longer recovery

Monday, June 15, 2009

About time I have something good to talk about!

So today was the first day that I can say I was back to 100%. I did a very hard ride.

10min warm up
10min very hard
10x(1min hard) (1min medium) (1min easy)
10mins medium
5mins cool down

Then bricked right into a 5km that I ran in 16:07.03!

I really had to push it. It was very hot outside I think the hottest we have had yet this year. I feel awesome on the bike and feel good in the water and very fast on the run. I have some easier training now and looks like the race coming up in Montreal will be a fast one.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

No There yet

The sprint race didn't go as well as I hoped. I was just flat. I had a good swim but as soon as I got on the bike I just had nothing. I am getting stronger and feel more energized every day. So another solid swim in the Muskoka river that has a very strong current. I am now just getting the final bugs worked out before Montreal ITU.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Almost back to 100%

So after a few days of very light trianing I am ready to get back into things. Today I have a hard bike and I am going to add a bricked 8km run after. Yesterday I did a 45 min run it was really hard my legs were sore and I had very litttle energy. My body feels better today and every day I feel 10x better so I sod be ready to rock in muskoka.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Under the weather

So I have gotten a little sick after my trip/race. The upside is I already and starting to feel better. I will be doing light training threw my sickness last time I had a cold I stopped swimming and it took me 3 weeks to be fast in the pool again. So this time I am going to just truck right on threw it and continue with my training. The Plan is...

TUE 9th: Spin on windtrainer
20 min ez
5 x 1 min faster / 2min easier
2 x 4min hard/6min ez
10min wdown and 20min core
WED 10th: Run 45min pickups
Swim drills 2k (easy)

Thr 11th: Swim hard swim set 3500m
Bike 4 x (10min hard/5min ez)

Fri 12th: Run 20min ez + 15min core.

Sat 13th: am: Spin 40min ez
run 15min ez

pm: Long warmup
Hammer the Sprint Tri

Sun 14th: Swim 3km open water quality
Bike 90min fartlek

I will be racing the Muskoka Sprint and I will be doing some other training on the Sunday with Dave S. I will update Late Wednesday night about how i am feeling.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Race Report

So real quick... On Saturday mid day I started to feel my throat getting sore so I wasn't to happy about that. I woke up on Sunday and could not even talk. I had to go down stairs and get a halls and it didn't really help. I still felt energetic and ready to rock. The water was COLD 13.5 and the air temp was only about 12. The swim went really bad I think my sore throat and the cold water made things very very hard to catch my breath and get onto fast feet. I came out with the second chase pack and just hammered the bike with 5 other guys. We tried to get up to the other second bigger pack but could not(they had about (10-15 guy). Came off onto the run and just letter rip. I forgot about my sore throat and just put it up to over drive. I was just passing everyone. I ended up 15th...not the top 10 I was looking for but not a bad start to my first triathlon of the year. I think if I swim like I did in Milton a top 5-8 will be the goal for The next Tech Jr. race.

down side of the race...Very Ugly swim
Up side...Killer run

Monday, June 1, 2009

Taken it down a bit

real quick post...today I have stated to slow things down. I did a 15min easy run then 5x2min hard 3min easy with 10min warm down. I felt fast and relaxed on the 2min hard. I later did a3km easy pull swim recovery swim.

Karsten Madsen