Monday, June 24, 2013

Post Richmond Xterra Moving into Mine over Matter

Coming out of Richmond I am feeling good. Aside from my hyperextended elbow (still hurting) I am feeling good. I am the fittest I have ever been but that does not mean much as I am 21 and every year I seem to be faster But this year the improvments are much larger then any other year. I’ve been doing some key workout and my 2013 number vs my 2011 are scary. I finally feel like I’m hitting my stride everything is coming together. I am very happy with my season so far. I am Turing into a everyday name in Xterra and starting to mix it up with the best in the world. My mind set is strong and my work ethic has never been better. Thoughts going into Mine over Matter July 7th. So far this year I have been 6th 7th and 8th at all the off road races so far and all the races had a very strong field. I am very confident in my abilities. However I want to win and winning is what drives me. I am very much looking forward to going after my 3rd win at Mine Over Matter I won in 2010 and 2011 then injury forced me to sit on the side lines and Sean Bechtel took the 2012 win on a new course. Now we will be going head to head. I look forward to this show down and should be a tight race.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Richmond Xterra

It was a crazy week leading into Richmond Xterra. Richmond had a tone of rain dropped the days leading into the race. The river overflowed and the trials turned very wet! Was not able to pre ride the first half of the course and only got to ride the last half once. Day before the race i had a crash and ended up hyper-extending my elbow. I was 95% sure I would not be racing but got ice on it as soon as i could and put some KT tape to help keep it together. On race day it still hurt alot and was still sure I could not finish the race. At this point the race turned into a duathlon. On the first run I kept things tempo didnt want to go into the red so i sat just in behind the lead group. On the bike the elbow hurt but I felt safe and in control on the bike so I kept pushing the bike Near the end of the bike a bunch of us got together. I came off the bike in 8th or 7th. During the run I made sure I ran my own race and started to feel good. I now feel like my run is coming back together. I am very happy with my 8th place finish it is my highest placing at a Major US Xterra race. Next will be Mine Over Matter in Milton july 7th I plan to use this race to build into some other races.