Monday, March 23, 2009

Good bye Outback!

Well after a great 2 years at outback it is closing. All the outbacks in Ontario have closed, meaning I am out of a job :( it's now time to hit the job market on search of a job. So that's the main thing in my life right now but has for training I have taken some time off after a great camp in Arizona. I did do a swim on Saturday and ended up having a great swim. We did a main set of 12x 100m on 1:30 I was holding 1:15 all the way! As for my running I just have done some more long runs 90 Min's aerobic with some tempo mixed in. I did take Sunday and Monday off so I could have a rest before I start the last 5 weeks of base training then is time for speed. Once I get my bike back I will start aerobic bricks. I really want to be a better runner but I want to run fast off the bike. Last year I didn't really do the long aerobic bricks so this year I will do lots.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


So I have sometime before a run so I think I will do a little blog post. It as been great, My running is right where I wanted it and my cycling is still very strong (Mt Lemon in a 23 on the back) We did a lot of work on the swim stroke and I have been trying to get use to the right way of swimming but i have been swimming good to. Yesterday we did a brick in this National park...the biking was unreal and the running was very hot!!! I still have lots of work to do there but for the brick we did 3.6km warm up running then did 15km bike loop followed by a 3.5km run and we did it 2 times. The bike was fast and the first run i took it out really hard but in the second run really slowed things down. I know what i need to start working on as soon as i come home. I need to started doing longer aerobic bricks. Anyways Time to run!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My bags are packed!

Arizona is only 2 days away!! I cant wait to get there, it will be a cold -4 in Ontario but in Arizona it will be 31 and sunny! Ya I am being mean but I can't wait to get on my bike, and run with just shorts and a hat rather then 100 different layers! I have to get up at 3:00am on Thursday to catch my plane. I have 3 transfers. One in Washington then Los Angeles then Tucson. I don't think i will have time to update my blog but I will have lots of pictures and stuff to talk about when I get back.

Karsten Madsen

Thursday, March 5, 2009


todays swim....

12x75m (50 swim 25 knb)
8X150m on 2:25
4x100m (breast pull)
7x100m IM on 2:15
200m easy

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


So spring is on its way...with a high of 7 tomorrow and highs of 11 all weekend I will be doing some crazy cycling. I keep forgetting that my road bike has been shipped to Arizona already I will need to go and pick up some new arm pads for my time trial bike!

My swim to day I did 50m 100m 200m 300m 400m 400m 300m 200m 100m 50m. I kept my stork was 10 seconds between each. My running has been nothing special just doing long and boring miles. I did do a 5km tempo run and I did end up going a little anaerobic in the last km but I ran a 16:58. That's about all that has happened in my training.

GO DEVILS GO!!! No one can stop this team and with Martin Brodure back and in 4 games has 2 shutouts and only has let in 4 goals...this team is looking the best in the NHL. Look for them to take the cup, They play good hockey the force then other teams to try and pass in the middle and they force all the shots to the out side. And look out if you turn over the puck to this team, they will attack the net so fast.

anyways thats all for now

Karsten Madsen