Thursday, April 15, 2010

Terry Tate Office Linebacker

Came accros a really funny video on Andrew Russells blog and I needed to put it on mine!!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

need some motivation!

I am really trying to find some motivation. My shoulder is keeping me out of the pool. Just as things were going good I crashed and have hurt myself alittle more then I first thought. I am not going to be stupid with this I am going to rest it till its ready because rest is a very important part of training. Training smart = winning?

Nothing like some rap music and the great LeBron to keep your head in the game!

Monday, April 5, 2010

skiing in 28?

So on Saturday (day after my crash) my family and I decided to go skiing to blue mountain. They had 4 run open and the weather man said 28 degrees for that day. I was really pumped to be able to go skiing in shorts! The snow was great considering how hot it really was out side. At around 12 o clock I took my shirt off and was skiing in just shorts. That just doesn't happen alot!

Great day!

Karsten Madsen

Sunday, April 4, 2010

My Race Season

Victoria's Duathlon- May 24th

Milton Triathlon (Maybe) June 6th

Guelph Lake sprint- June 19th

Coteau-du-Lac, QC- June 26th

Peterborough half (swim to bike only) July 4th

Loaring Triathlon- July 17th

Eastern Champs Magog, QC- July 25th

Provincials Champs, Ottawa- July 31st

Niagara Triathlon- Aug 8th

Canadian Triathlon Champs- Aug, 21-22

Guelph Lake 2 (Maybe) Sept 4th

Half Rev Cedar Point triathlon- Sept 12th

Friday, April 2, 2010

First bad crash in 3 years

I entered into the good Friday road race today. I wanted to test my bike fitness. The race went off great I was siting in perfect position I was sitting 11Th in a pack of 200 so I was well in the front. Everyone was riding well until... about 15ish km into the race the person 2 people over from me hit the guy beside me and then the guy beside crashed into me and with 180ish riders behind it wasnt going to go well. I went flying over the Handel bars in to the left lane we were going about 42km when it happened. the first thing i did was look behind me and all i saw was a wall of rides trying to get out of the way of the crash. The first thing i did was get up and sprint to the side of the road but since guys were on the grass to get out of the way I got hit right in the face buy another rider. So in all 10 or so riders went down 3 of use that were riding side by side got the worst of it (the guy who caused the crash was fine and so was his bike...all I say LEARN TO RIDE IN A PACK)So well I was at the side of the road I made sure I was ok witch for the most part i was the road we fell on was very smooth so road rash really wasn't that bad. We did how ever hit the road really hard and I hit my head pretty good.

Now I went onto the road to get my bike and water bottles and move it to the side of the road. I then started to realize how hard we really hit the road because my shifter was snapped in half, my pedal was broken clean off, my bar tape was really riped up and the most pain full my zipp 404 is really smashed up. The other 2 guys with me had pretty much the same damages lots of broken carbon wheels.

I have been pretty lucky over the years of staying out of crashes so I guess the cycling gods said it was my time. How ever I am a little pissed with the guy who caused the crash because we were on a flat and straight road and from what i hear from the other guy we just panic and smashed into him. Also Ontario cycling should have known that 200 people in cycling pack is not going to work they had sr4 men and master 3 man go together when there should have been 2 different races! So question to Ontario cycling you going to help pay for all the stuff that is broken? In total there was 3 big crashes and some people that crashed them self's out. One guy had to go to hospital because he was knocked out cold. I understand crashes happen but most people in the race are not tour de France riders and they are not used to having 200 people in a pack. i think if they just split the races I don't think we would have had that many crashes.

Thursday, April 1, 2010


As the race season gets closer its time to start doing the work. i had a great time in Arizona build up alot of fitness. I had one little problem when i was down in Arizona on the Tuesday I got down I pulled an intercostal muscle on the right rib cage. It really bugged me on the Wednesday but I just took some Advil and trucked on. Its all back to normal again. Thanks to Dave(dragon), Sean(falcon) and Nat(dream crusher)for a great time in arizona pumped for them to get back and training with them agian!

This week has really been a stand out for me.

swimming- I did a 14x100m on 1:25m when I first saw that was are main set I didn't really know what to think but I started them easy swimming the first 5 of them in 1:17ish then the next 5 I was down around 1:15 then the last 4 was when I started to feel it but still swimming fast around 1:16 to 1:17. I think my stroke is really coming along because that set did not hurt as much as it used to.

running- 30 min warm up then 5x1km on 5:00min with 10 cool down and some core. I really didn't know how this one would go. It was only my second speed workout of 2010.


if you are wondering what happened on the 4th one in the last 400m I felt kind sick but turned it around. I was really pumped about my fitness I thought I would be around 3:10-3:05 for them. This is the fastest I have ever ran for this kind of workout. Last year when I thought I has at my best I did 5x1km on 6:00min so extra min of rest and i would only running just under 3:00. Not a bad way to start spring!!

I am really starting to get pumped about the race season I am putting together my race season today. Also one of my suits is ready! Once again big thanks to Kiwami! really pumped to start racing in there suit this year!