Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Karsten Meet's Lance Armstrong!

My Best Friend Dragon (David S) told everyone on his blog about me meeting Lance Armstrong so here are the pictures. It was a awesome day (Saturday sept 12th) I didn't just meet Lance Armstrong, I also met Phil Liggett Tour de France commentator, Eddy Merckx, Jim Balsillie CEO of RIM and Steve Bauer Canada's greatest cyclist. Not a bad day for me. I then later went home and did my monster work out witch was a sprint duahtlon simulation so i did 5km all out 20km bike riding around 38km av then a 2km run all out. My times for the first 5km (witch is a hilly 5km I ran threw at 15:55 then on my second run I ran my first km at 3:02 but then died and finished with 6:32

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Feel good and ready

I know alot of people like to know who is racing a few days before to actual race. So to everyone out there that cares I will be at Guelph lake 2. I feel rested and ready to race hard, I took last weekend off and I now really feel like racing. I was only going to race if I felt up to it.

Yesterday I went to Canada's wonderland with David S My sister and her Friend. Just so you know The last time I was on a roller coaster I was about 8 or 9 years old it was called the viper at 6 flags. Lets just say I hated it! I never went on a roller coaster again. Almost a decade later I went. My first ride was Behemoth! Waiting in the line I was having little panic attacks but I was going to do it no turning back. As we Loaded into the card my heart was beating so hard. I was telling Dave all the things I would rather do. When we started to climb up the first hill I was no longer talking just sitting looking at my hands and the death grip I had on the bar. David look over at me and saw who scared I was so he didn't say anything else to trip me out. Has we went over the hill It was ****ing nuts! It went so damn fast! I got over my fear of rides I loved it On the next few humps I had one hand off and I was yelling and having a great time!

When Behemoth was done I had so much adrenalin! The rest of the roller coaster where fun but no where close the trill that Behemoth was. I had a awesome time and can't wait to go again!