Friday, August 20, 2010

Far from over

I could have wrote a long story about why my season sucked but I am done feeling sorry for my self. I didn't have a great off season, I set out to swim 6-7 times aweek. but I got some colds and well went into a-fib... going into A-fib really messed with my head but I am over all this now to bad its Aug 22nd. I learned alot this year and the next paragraph sums up what i learned

I wish my race season would have went alittle better this year, but sometimes things don't add up. Its the ones that don't give up and keep fighting that will go far. 2010 will soon be the past and 2011 being the futrue. People will say your only as good as your last result... true. So I am going to end 2010 with a god damn win don't care how deep I need to go I will win in MILTON XTERRA!

2011 brings a fresh start

Karsten Madsen

Thanks to everyone who has supported me threw the best and worst of times!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

In the past looking forward!

I am going into Niagara as last years champion, Its the first time I have ever tried to defend a title... if there is one race I want to win this year its this one. The feeling i got crossing that finish line is something I have not felt this year. It was the first time I finished a race with no regrets. I swam hard and gave all i had up the massive climb then on the run hung on for the win. I felt really crappy on the run but I put it aside and just ran with the vision of me crossing the line first. I never for a second thought about finishing second. I need to find that mind set again and I am starting to find it.

This race i cant get out of my mind...