Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy new years

So with 2008 coming to a close I needed to have one last good run for 2008. I ran 13km light and some what easy there was lots of snow on the grown so i was working in some parts. About 3 days ago I had really bad hamstring so bad that i couldn't even run 5km at and easy pace by the time i was done 5km I had a hard time walking! I just slowed things down and iced and slowly started back into it.

I will start my club swimming on January the 5th!! I am really looking forward to doing way less lane swimming!!

ps have a great new years...don't drink and drive!

Karsten Madsen

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Big help

I have picked myself up the NIKE + Ipod, My Adidas shoes had the hole for the chip so i just had to get one! It works awesome I have a profile on the Nike site to log all my data. It will help me figure out how far I have run and my pace per km (so you can all be updated for the people that follow me!)

In Kitchener mother nature gave up a nice gift, 15cm of snow. So I did an indoor bike workout 30min warm up 7x(3mins hard 1min recovery then 15min cool down) After that I got all dressed up and went for an hour and 20 min snow shoe hike, there was just way to much snow to run.

I think this will be my last blog post till after Christmas so to all of my readers have a great Christmas and a happy new year!! (what a year it has been)

Karsten Madsen

Sunday, December 14, 2008


Scott Clemmenson

Um so with race season still way on the back of my mind I'm keeping to the Base training. I ran 13km today doing some light pick ups. I'm back to where i was running at the end of November and i feel stronger now. As for swimming I cant wait to get back in the pool with my club! I have been starting to swim really good with the work i have done on my own I am looking forward to doing some work on my swim stroke and get back to some 2 hours practises.

As for other things since Martin Brodure left with his injury someone as really step up. It was not Kevin Weeks (the backup goalie) it was Scott Clemmensen (the third goalie that had to be called up) This guy has backed Martin Brodure up for many years, only seeing 4-6 games in a season. With brodure out of the way he is really stepping up! the Devils had a win over Pittsburgh 4-1 and Scoot Clemmenson shut down what I think to be the most offence team in the league. All i have to say this guy is way to step up!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

My life in the last little bit

I work with some cute girls haha

With the Holiday coming up I am looking forward for sometime to train with out school in my way. I'm also going to finish up getting my g2!! With the little time that I have, I like to look for new band to listen to, and I have found an outstanding band that is just getting started. They are called the "graduates" give it a listen . I also had my work party last Sunday and it was a great time even if i stayed up till 1:30 on a Sunday night but its a one year thing. I have some pics form the party. So that has been my week in a nut shell. Ohh and my sister comes home on Thursday!!! :)

Karsten Madsen

Monday, December 1, 2008

Getting Into it!

So I'm working my butt of in all 3 sports. Starting with the swim, I am getting my fitness back and starting to feel the water. The bike I am killing it. I am working on becoming very fast on the bike, I want to be in the 40km av for most of my races. In the run I am not having the greatest time. I didn't have a very good run at 5km open race at xc Nats. After the first km I pulled my hip witch was kinda bugging me the last few days so I'm doing water running trying to get my self back to running my 60min runs. i have some video of my bike work out keep a lookout, it will show up on my blog sometime this week.