Thursday, August 28, 2008

Back Home :s

I have unpacked all my stuff and getting back to things here in Kitchener. Its nice riding and running on the trials and roads that I have done over and over again. Today i had registration for school (Its less then a week away :0). I have made its so I have my easyer classes in second semester so if i miss school its not going to hurt me to much, I also hate being stressed with school at the start of the tri season.

I am looking forward to catching up with my Friends. The pre season games start for hockey on sept 20 :). I hope this is the year My New Jersey Devils win that cup, but I would love to see the leafs do well at least get into the playoffs! I am going to start working again with Outback I am great full they let me take the summer off (can't take a whole summer off at most places) I am going to start work most likely next weekend i am thinking I will be working 4 times a week!

Karsten Madsen

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

My Mother First Ironman

My Mother is now an Ironwoman, man whatever you want to call it. She finished in a time of 12:08:33. She had a great race and a great time. The whole family is very proud of her!

Ironman is a different kind of race its the only time many age groupers get to feel like a pro coming into that finish line every one is cheering so loud and you are being filmed on the big screen.

On another note Guelph lake 2 is On Aug 30 and i am going to try and close my tri season with a bang!

Karten Madsen

yes Coors Light girls where there :) :)

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Ironman Canada

Looks like Ironman Canada is going to be a good and fast race lots of top pros form around the world are here! My Mother who is racing is really starting to look forward for it. I did a 1:45 run yesterday and you forget your running because your head is always looking up at the awesome views! I plan on doing the underwear run Friday morning (I will most likely post some pics). My job on Sunday is going to be cheering for all the athletes, this is a very hard event and They will need all the support they can get! I will be also taking pictures of everyone I know.

Karsten Madsen

Also Remember to donate to the Tri Dakota every bit helps!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Can't understand

This year has been hard in many ways. I have worked so hard but i am still to show it. There was a taste of my swimming potential in Provincials ever i made it out with the 1st chase pack but after that I have swam really bad. I have had 3 DNFs this year 2 of them being the biggest races of the year. There was alot on the line and I really blew it. But after Milton and Provincials people told me things will get better and they sure didn't. At nationals i ran to my bike only to find out i had a flat. This was a big blow knowing this was my last shot to really see my improvement and to show my coaches and training partners what I have done in a little over a year of serious training. The people I really wanted to show where my parents. I wanted to show them that getting up at 5:00am to get me to swim practise or driving me to this and that track for running as paid off. Craig Taylor was a big help for me over in Kelowna and I thank him alot. I also wanted to say well done to the C3 team on a great summer of training and racing.

In the big picture this is minor I now have to forget the pass and move on. I have 2 more years of Jr left If i can improve like i did last year 2 more time things are looking up.

I did age group National the next day and won the overall race so I am provincial age group champ and I am National age group champ didnt think that would happen this year :S Next year is already looking better

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Pre Race

I have now rested my self for the biggest race of the year Today we did are last brick workout I was swimming really fast. On the bike I was feeling Strong and power full and in the run I am running the best I ever have in my life in terms of off the bike running.

I have lots of motivation going into to this race watching the 4x100m. French Looked like they had it in the bag but The USA team wanted it more Jason Lezak swam with is heart.

After Nationals I am going to be working on my TT cycling. I have provincials TT coming up and my goal is to win. So I will be taking sometime off swimming (I will be doing about 2000m of drill swimming 3x a week) before I get into my swim season. After TT provincials Then is just running. David Sharratt and I have some plans to train hard for are upcoming Cross Country seasons Dave Won the Collage Provincials Last year and is looking to defend the title and for my self I want to get my self to Ofssa and get a top 15. I will try to get my Race report as soon as I can.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

PEI Triahtlon

C3 Jr in PEI
(left to right) Mark, Taylor, Me, Connor
My new Guru

Well another draft Triathlon is done and another ok result. I had a bad swim making a dumb choice of feet to swim on. I looked up and saw i was gaped by the pack so i tried to get back in the draft but it was to late i swam on my own till about the last 50 meters of the swim. I got out of the water and started my attack.

I got in to a pack with Taylor Reid and a few other people. Taylor and I were the only ones that really knew how to ride in a pack so we did most of the work. Are pack went form about 8-9 to 3 of us so I had to do all the work to keep the speed up, I got sick off them just sitting on my wheel so i broke off the front and just ran a 5k i was really pissed about my swim and disappointed where i was in the race so it was hard to push my self.

I know my swimming was really off that day, it was nothing like the swim I had in provincials but that's draft racing you can't make any dumb moves you will pay for it in this race it was making it into the last pack rather then chase pack. At nationals i am going to have a different game plane so i don't have the same thing happen like i did at this race. I want to lead out chase pack at nationals. I have the fitness and the determination to do it.