Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Twitter and facebook killing the blog

After 2 months of no blogging time to update. Training in the months of Jan and Feb were really good! Consistent work did not miss workouts and was recovering well! March has been a very different story started off with one of the worst colds/flu I have had in a long time! Still feeling the affects of that today! Also banged my knee up pretty good so that put a delay on things. But today seems like I'm ready to get the ball rolling. the bummer part is the illness killed the plan of early season race in Vegas for West Champs. That is a race I really want to get back to! I am still pumped for a good long season and even tho motivation has been low at times in March I am still finding ways to get the work done! big thanks to my sponsors and friends and family that stick by. Now time for the best news of all (save best for last) After dating Meaghan for 2 and a half years I have asked her to marry me! She has been amazing and super supportive of everything and its for sure the best decision I have ever made!