Monday, May 18, 2009

1 and 2 at the brick duathlon

Today I raced the Brick duathlon. Dave Sharratt and I have been hanging out alot and we went to the Jays game on the Friday. So Dave being the 2x winner going in we talked about this race for a good month.

First run, Taylor Reid and I went out hard going threw 1km at 2:55 and 2km at 5:58 I ended up with 12:47 for 4km 3:12 pace I was first onto the bike but didn't really get going until 5km in and that when Dave passed me. I rode in 2nd till the 15km mark when I was passed by 2 fast guys that came form the back of the race and then I stared to really work and didn't give anymore time up to the 2 guys on the bike. I ended up going into t2 down 1:00min form Dave and 20seconds from 2nd and I passed 3rd place going out of t2 and really started to work hard. I got to 2nd in the first km and then started to try and work on getting to Dave but it was to late he was just to far ahead. I ended up taking 30 seconds out of Dave. Dave and I called it that we would be 1 and 2 like a month ago.

I am super happy with my early season fitness I was happy with my biking but my running is really strong right now. I also deiced to pull out of the Milton race I will be there to do the swim but that will be all its just to close to the first Jr race.

Dave and I also jumped in my pool, it was 66 so not to bad but very fresh

race results