Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Change of pace. Triathlon and Business

As many of you know I have started a racing team along with my good friend David Sharratt. Things are really starting to heat up and having a lot of fun doing it. I am motivated as ever to keep pushing this along. This goes without saying but if your interested in joining please e-mail me at karstenturnpike@gmail.com we still have spots open. We will be running 2 workouts a week and individualized training plans via training peaks. Also there will be major sponsorship discounts for team members along with discounts on races and extra clinics! As for thing with myself, I have been training hard with what I can do. I have been upping my swimming every week I will be at 4 swims this week with the university of Waterloo and plan to build to 6. I am starting to feeling strong in the water and having a good time. Bad news...I am going to have to take some time to rest the labrum in my hip. I will be icing it and doing some Resistance band work in the gym to make the muscles around it stronger. I am waiting on a MRI to see whats really going on but that will take forever! (anyone know how I could get in faster with out going to the US) So after the MRI I may have to go under the knife to repair or if I'm lucking just rest and hard work will get me healthy. I am committed to do what I can to make it better. But as of right now Looks like Ill be swimming lots as running and biking hurts my hip. Also This is the first draft of what the Turnpike Clothing will look like pretty hot!!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Busy Busy!

October was a very busy time for me. I have been getting everything ready for the Up coming tri season. I have started swimming with the University of Waterloo again. I have had my second practice and starting to feel stronger every stroke I take. This is my first time swimming with the team during the school year and it’s a very different feel at the pool much more intense. I am however down and out when it comes to running and biking. During the Cross Country Season (have one more race in Montreal) I ha e been getting hip pain that is not going away. I have been icing rolling it with a roller and tennis ball but nothing seems to make it feel better. The physiotherapist I work with at Conestoga has done a great job with me for any other injury I have had. Things in the hip just still don’t feel right so he told me to go see a sports doctor at the Waterloo Sports Medicine. They did an x ray and ultra sound on my right hip. He also did some movements with me. We figured out it could be one of two things. Best Case the tendons and Muscles that attached to my pelvic bone are sore etc. The worst is maybe a tear in my Labrum in my right hip and would need surgery to shave it away. What ever the case I will do all the right steps to make it better. I am also doing Movember this year please help me out and lets raise some money! I will have photo updates on how it is going! click my link!!! https://www.movember.com/ca/donate/payment/member_id/5020445/

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Training Montreal new partnership

Training has been really forward moving in the right way hitting some very fast times and feeling good well doing it. My first race is this weekend in waterloo. its 7.5km and runs around the waterloo campus nice home town race. It will be my first really good test of fitness to see where I stand. The body is holding up pretty well. Today I woke up with a sharp pain in my back so I am going to get it looked at. I worked for CEP Canada this weekend in Montreal had a great time representing a great brand like CEP super happy to have a partnership with them! Only bummer part of the weekend I got my Macbook pro stolen out of my gym bag in my car super bummed! Good News I am very pumped to be working with Jairus Streight he will over see my training and racing along with sponsorships. I am very happy to be working with him. Last bit of good news is I signed a deal with Elementz Nutrition. I have been testing there products for little over a month and have really liked what they have. Very happy we got a deal done!! My first Cross country running race is on this saturday so I hope to have pictures and a race update!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Recovery week!!

It was a nice week having the training come down. I have been working very hard on the run and really starting to see the improvement. I am starting to run the way I did before having my IT band injury. This week was very short distance max distance was only 8km this week but with lots of drill and strides. School starts for me on Sept 4th and with it my running goes back up to high mileage. I also Helped David and Jenn move into there awesome new house and I helped my girl friend move into her new place in Waterloo. I was busy getting all my cross fit in! Really looking forward to my first running race on the 29th in Waterloo for the University Race. I may race on the 8th but it will be a tune up not sure yet.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

running and other things

My run training is going really well. I have started to feel strong and fast. Did some 400's and 200's on the track and started to feel the speed coming back into my legs. last week was a very hard week of running hard workouts and long miles. I have been using a new recovery drink from Elementz Nutrition. They have a killer recovery drink give them a look up on twitter or facebook @ElementzPro Another New Sponsor I am very Happy to have on board is ESI grips. they make just killer mtb grips. They also make stuff for the road and if your looking for a great set of grips they are the people to go to!!!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Blog is back from the dead!

Quick recap on Itu Cross worlds. Did not have the race I wanted to have. I lead out of the water but swam to slow and on the bike never found my grove And my chain didnt want to stay on my big ring and fell off 3 times 2 of them had to put it back on by hand. Tried to run down the 2 guys ahead of me but fell short and finished 3rd and only seconds away from second. I was not happy with my race but life goes on. I have kinda Dropped off the Map after that. With a Lack of sponsorship and Having to pay for school I had to go to work and make money and not spend any(this post has happy parts I swear). I will be going to school in September at Conestoga Collage. I am very pumped to be running for them. David Sharratt Will be coaching me till November and My goal is to be top 3 at OCAA's. I have potentially a very exciting job offer that I cant say what it is until its for sure but its a great company and hope it works out. In the Mean time I have been Installing Pools to pay the bills. I Have also had some great New from new sponsors and old ones stepping up. Big thanks to Rudy Project for stepping up! Along with Aqua Sphere and Xtenex laces. Thanks to Trek Bikes for help on getting bikes. Happy to Bring back On an old sponsor Gears Bike Shop will Be my Official bike shop! As for What I am going to do for the rest of this year? I am going to be running mainly until late October. Then I will be back training full time in Triathlon. An Idea for the races I will be doing looks as followed Xterra Las Vegas Xterra Alabama xterra Richmond Itu Cross worlds Xterra Mexico Xterra Canada happy to be back!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Just my luck

Things leading into ITU cross worlds have been good. I don't know how but I'm hitting personal best in everything. I really don't know how but my swimming is in a good place I figured I would be miles behind but I feel like I was in the same place I was last year. I am really happy to have my running back i did 2x 2km and 1x1km and did 6:14 then 6:34 then 2:58. Now that the hard work is done today I went for a easy spin on the mtb bike. the funny thing when you go slow mtbing bad things happen! I really don't know how it happend but picked a weird line and ended up sliding into a tree and it took my shifter clean off! I was very worried that I would not get a new one in time but lucky my Uncle Karsten works at Conestoga Collage as a welding teacher and things he can weld the 2 pieces of medal that broke off. big help having that! Itu cross worlds is really just around the bend and I still feel that being u23 world champion is the right goal to have.
Picture of a brick workout I did and my broken brake

Friday, April 13, 2012

to race or not to race??!!

almost a year since I had my season killing IT band injury I finally have a great run! After my IT band injury I didnt feel comfortable running. Xterra Mexico and Guelph Lake olympic are races that really stand out. Xterra Mexico I was off the bike in 4th and on the hunt of Will Kelsey Brandon Rakita and Seth Wealing. My run was so weak i had no chance and fell off the pace. Yesterday I did one of my test test to see where my winter of running has me. I did 5x a km on 5:00 min and was holding 2:58. I have not run that fast since before I had A-fib. Also its the fastest I have ever run on a 5:00 min pace time. Normally I am doing 5 x km on 6min so for a min less rest and still to run the times made me very happy. I made 2 big changes to my run 1 being I wear socks From Stable 26 (check it out!) 2 I am not running in K-swiss I have decided to run in Nike. I plan to run a 5km on the track in the next few days would like to see 15:40ish.

In the water I am back at Waterloo university. I love the coach and my best buddy dave is swimming too! (look out for Dave he is training) I took sometime away form the water to refresh my mindset. swimming is enjoyable again. As for this year I have not really given much thought in what i want to race I will do Itu Cross worlds but dont really know what else I want to do. I may spend this year and just racing mtb and take time away form racing. I have not really had a summer with out racing. I will do the Loaring Triathlon http://www.loaring.com/loaring/triathlon.htm its a awesome race and James Loaring makes a great race.


Friday, March 30, 2012

I entered my 2011 off season the most burnt out I have ever been. I had zero interested in triathlon. Even more so swimming in a pool. I guess after making myself work hard in a pool for 5 years I needed a break from the water. I made the choice to go back into the water when I missed it. I finally got myself going in early February. I am happy to be swimming again and I will be swimming with the university of waterloo!! I plan to swim 5x per week.

When the news of ITU cross worlds came up I had many people asking if I was going to be racing. I took my time and talked it over with Meaghan and came to the conclusion that I'm not ready to give up racing. This will be my second time representing canada and I will be racing in the u23 elite (I still race with all the other elites)

My goal for the race is to be u23 itu cross worlds champion!

In the picture you can see the dog that ran after me in mexico


Sunday, January 22, 2012

My helpful keys to being injury free

Last year I had a major IT band injury that set me back. This year I have been testing out a new shoe company along with 2 other great products.

The first one is my sponsor Stable 26. They make some great sock for all different sports. If you read my blog you know I ski and play hockey along with the other 3 sport I do. The socks Have different sizes of pads that you can put into the socks. As shoes break down there is extra space. The socks take up that space and keep your foot in the right place. check them out http://www.stable26.com/ I have had great success. Very happy to have them on my sponsorship team.

Now for my last one is a company that I am not sponsored by but you can bet I have a pair in all my running shoes cycling shoes ski boot and hockey skates

(from the web site) http://www.superfeet.com/activity/running-walking.aspx
Without Support Collapsing feet increase movement inside the shoe. This causes a less efficient stride, and intensifies stress on feet, ankles and knees. Additional stress can cause foot pain, fatigue and risk of injury.
With Superfeet Insoles

Feet are supported and stabilized, reducing stress on feet, ankles and knees. Stride becomes more efficient, reducing fatigue and risk of injury. Can help prevent and treat plantar fasciitis, heel pain and runner’s knee.

I have been using the 2 products together the last 2 months or so and they are helping me go harder and stay out longer!