Sunday, October 31, 2010

happy halloween!!!

Busy week again for me. Worked liked a mad man still getting done my workouts and having a pretty good social life. I am almost finding a good balance so kinda nice. I was having a huge problem finding somewhere to swim. who knew it could be so damn hard to find good swimming so looks like I will be swimming solo from November to end of January. Nothing better then some lane swimming. Its not the best solution but its all that is available to me so i will have to make do. I have officially but the specialized transition on the indoor trainer! I hate indoor riding but hopefully I will find people that will ride with me.

Also on a side note,

I have lots of bikes for sale!!

I have a guru crono 57 frame size full dura ace vison tech aero bars(replaced frame, so only 1 year old) $2800

I have 2 specialized expert road bikes full 2010 ultegra one is a 58 the other a 54. $3000 *each*

I will have some wetsuits and Oakley glasses for sale as well (just waiting to figure out 2011 stuff)

please feel free to e-mail me with questions and or photos of the bikes