Friday, October 22, 2010

In this edition of my life....

Devils and many other teams that enjoyed success last year (regular season) are having bad start to there seasons. I watched the Devils Habs game last night and for the first time I say the Brodeur that can shut a game down and make the keys saves at the right time. Devils needed a solid win and I hope this was there tsn turning point.

Anyways just wanted to share something other then triathlon. As for what I have been doing. I have been starting to up the swim mileage week by week. I am keeping everything long base work. I have been trying to get every day i can of riding out doors. most years I never ride in the fall and threw the winter months I do very little. This year I will be getting on the trainer in the basement. Going to make my basement my new favorite room this year. My coach Barrie and I have a very well discussed game plan for this year. I am getting more and more jazzed about 2011 everyday. For the first time in my training I will be following a diet. I usually always eat healthy but was never fully focused on it. I found it was a issue last year so I want to correct the problem. My diet will not be crazy hard to follow I am just going to fall in love with different kinds of snacks for example hot air pop corn with nothing on vs the one with butter.

With all that being said now i will have to really test my self control. My parents buy really healthy food so that part will not be hard. Getting to bed at a better time will be. I am famous for getting sucked into stuff on the computer or phone so it will be simple 10 pm rolls around lights off blackberry off tv off and get sleeping. Sleep is a very important part of training and its something i need to take more serious.

I will be doing a 2 hour orienteering run with Sean Bechtel and Claudia Johnston On November 14th. Sounds like it will be pretty fun. I mean in off season I am trying to do as many different sports as i can. I am playing hockey about once or twice a week still to keep some good and different fitness up. I want to get back into my rock climbing. Rock climbing i think is a great cross trainer and its a blast with some good friends.

That's kinda whats up with me.

a few request for me to keep up better blogging so look out lots will be talked about