Monday, October 18, 2010

Bike ride turns into CSI

Probably one of the weirdest bike rides of my life. I went out for a 2 hour ride today and saw the normal amount of dead animals but I wasn't expecting to see a dead body! I saw it by Woolwich, I was about to go over a covered bridge when i saw at the bottom of the other side something that looked my a body had to take another look but when a guy came running over to me asking if I had a cell I knew something was up. So called 911 and police and the whole nine yards where there in minuets. Not expecting to have my bike ride turn into a episode of CSI. As for the rest of my ride it was good. Riding a new bike is always fun to do. I start swimming with my old club tomorrow kinda pumped to stop lane swimming and get back in the water with people fast like me!

Also keep your eye open on Kiwami they are lunching some really cool stuff!!