Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Good time to get it...

Just as training was getting well underway and things starting to come along I have been side lined by what I thought at first was a really bad flu. The past week was one of the sickest i have ever been. I would one min be super hot sweating like crazy then 30mins later be so cold shivering. I also had a little bit of pain in my left side. So on Sunday morning Meaghan and I went to the urgent care clinic. Sucks spending time in a place like that but it was clear i didn't have a cold or a flu it was something else. When the doctor saw me he was petty quick and to the point saying he thought I had mono. As soon as he said it I thought of the Victor Davis movie when he got mono. his was alot worst then what i have considering I feel my energy staring to come back after only 2 weeks. The way i am staying active well i am this sick is i am going for walks every day weather they are 20min or hour its good to get fresh air and let the blood flow to my legs. They kinda feel like runs for me right now have to have a nap after them.

I have taken 2 weeks off from work now and I plan to get back to work on Friday. Any hockey I was going to play is over now with the risk of ripping my spleen, well I have to wait 4-6 weeks but at that point i wont have time for hockey anymore will be to focused on my triathlon training. I plan on slowly adding workouts as my energy comes back so its kinda hard to say when i will be 100 percent back my guess would be january but my big goal is to get back into the pool asap.