Friday, March 30, 2012

I entered my 2011 off season the most burnt out I have ever been. I had zero interested in triathlon. Even more so swimming in a pool. I guess after making myself work hard in a pool for 5 years I needed a break from the water. I made the choice to go back into the water when I missed it. I finally got myself going in early February. I am happy to be swimming again and I will be swimming with the university of waterloo!! I plan to swim 5x per week.

When the news of ITU cross worlds came up I had many people asking if I was going to be racing. I took my time and talked it over with Meaghan and came to the conclusion that I'm not ready to give up racing. This will be my second time representing canada and I will be racing in the u23 elite (I still race with all the other elites)

My goal for the race is to be u23 itu cross worlds champion!

In the picture you can see the dog that ran after me in mexico