Saturday, November 3, 2012

Busy Busy!

October was a very busy time for me. I have been getting everything ready for the Up coming tri season. I have started swimming with the University of Waterloo again. I have had my second practice and starting to feel stronger every stroke I take. This is my first time swimming with the team during the school year and it’s a very different feel at the pool much more intense. I am however down and out when it comes to running and biking. During the Cross Country Season (have one more race in Montreal) I ha e been getting hip pain that is not going away. I have been icing rolling it with a roller and tennis ball but nothing seems to make it feel better. The physiotherapist I work with at Conestoga has done a great job with me for any other injury I have had. Things in the hip just still don’t feel right so he told me to go see a sports doctor at the Waterloo Sports Medicine. They did an x ray and ultra sound on my right hip. He also did some movements with me. We figured out it could be one of two things. Best Case the tendons and Muscles that attached to my pelvic bone are sore etc. The worst is maybe a tear in my Labrum in my right hip and would need surgery to shave it away. What ever the case I will do all the right steps to make it better. I am also doing Movember this year please help me out and lets raise some money! I will have photo updates on how it is going! click my link!!!