Sunday, May 6, 2012

Just my luck

Things leading into ITU cross worlds have been good. I don't know how but I'm hitting personal best in everything. I really don't know how but my swimming is in a good place I figured I would be miles behind but I feel like I was in the same place I was last year. I am really happy to have my running back i did 2x 2km and 1x1km and did 6:14 then 6:34 then 2:58. Now that the hard work is done today I went for a easy spin on the mtb bike. the funny thing when you go slow mtbing bad things happen! I really don't know how it happend but picked a weird line and ended up sliding into a tree and it took my shifter clean off! I was very worried that I would not get a new one in time but lucky my Uncle Karsten works at Conestoga Collage as a welding teacher and things he can weld the 2 pieces of medal that broke off. big help having that! Itu cross worlds is really just around the bend and I still feel that being u23 world champion is the right goal to have.
Picture of a brick workout I did and my broken brake