Friday, April 13, 2012

to race or not to race??!!

almost a year since I had my season killing IT band injury I finally have a great run! After my IT band injury I didnt feel comfortable running. Xterra Mexico and Guelph Lake olympic are races that really stand out. Xterra Mexico I was off the bike in 4th and on the hunt of Will Kelsey Brandon Rakita and Seth Wealing. My run was so weak i had no chance and fell off the pace. Yesterday I did one of my test test to see where my winter of running has me. I did 5x a km on 5:00 min and was holding 2:58. I have not run that fast since before I had A-fib. Also its the fastest I have ever run on a 5:00 min pace time. Normally I am doing 5 x km on 6min so for a min less rest and still to run the times made me very happy. I made 2 big changes to my run 1 being I wear socks From Stable 26 (check it out!) 2 I am not running in K-swiss I have decided to run in Nike. I plan to run a 5km on the track in the next few days would like to see 15:40ish.

In the water I am back at Waterloo university. I love the coach and my best buddy dave is swimming too! (look out for Dave he is training) I took sometime away form the water to refresh my mindset. swimming is enjoyable again. As for this year I have not really given much thought in what i want to race I will do Itu Cross worlds but dont really know what else I want to do. I may spend this year and just racing mtb and take time away form racing. I have not really had a summer with out racing. I will do the Loaring Triathlon its a awesome race and James Loaring makes a great race.