Sunday, April 3, 2011

One week till Vegas

After my week of food poisoning I am starting to feel better again I feel strong and fast again. I went mountain biking yesterday and felt like i could ride again. I was 182 before I got sick now I am 171 and standing at 6'3 i am pretty skinny. Nice to feel strong. I am doing alot of quick short fast stuff. I have a very big base fitness, but now need to add some speed in the mix. I have been swimming with Sean about 7-6 times a week we swim yards alot so you always feel fast and wish you could swim that fast in meters but i do think I am getting faster I spend alot of time working on my stroke. Now that I train full time I am spending time on the small things like core water running and my swim stroke.

Las Vegas is the one race this year that I don't really have a goal it all depends on who shows up. I want to have a really strong swim and bike and see what my legs can do on the run. I guess the main goal is to be in the mix after the bike and not be way out the back.