Thursday, June 25, 2009

World record in backyard swimming

So after a pretty hard Brick workout Dave came over to my house to cool off in the pool. Then we go the idea to do a 200m IM in my 6 or so meter pool. so I started off first, The fly was OK but as for the back we were all over the place and you are flipping o much you have no idea where you are in the pool. I ended up with a time of 53.11 So now it was Dave's turn he had the same problems I did of being all over the place. I just out touched him he was 53.35 (I think). The I go the great idea of doing a 400m IM lets just say it was like swimming with your eyes closed 15 turns in 1:53 will do that. Dave beat me big time in the 400m he went I think 1:45 not sure check his blog in the next few days if you actually care...

As for the brick workout it was hot! and there were not alot of use out for the workout the only guys I had to work with was Sean and David so the swim was killer they always but about 6-7 meters on me so I had to cut off the last dock we go around to catch back up (only about 40-50m I think)On the bike Sean and Dave where both on tt bikes and didn't want a draft so I just sat on there wheels. Then some kinda bad news On the second lap of the run i steped in a pot hole and when I went to pull out my heel really got pulled it didn't really hurt that much at first but has i kept running I could feel it more and more. Its still a little sore but I think i will be OK if I take care of it.

Today I am moving to Hamilton, I am really pumped to start working with those guys!