Monday, March 23, 2009

Good bye Outback!

Well after a great 2 years at outback it is closing. All the outbacks in Ontario have closed, meaning I am out of a job :( it's now time to hit the job market on search of a job. So that's the main thing in my life right now but has for training I have taken some time off after a great camp in Arizona. I did do a swim on Saturday and ended up having a great swim. We did a main set of 12x 100m on 1:30 I was holding 1:15 all the way! As for my running I just have done some more long runs 90 Min's aerobic with some tempo mixed in. I did take Sunday and Monday off so I could have a rest before I start the last 5 weeks of base training then is time for speed. Once I get my bike back I will start aerobic bricks. I really want to be a better runner but I want to run fast off the bike. Last year I didn't really do the long aerobic bricks so this year I will do lots.