Wednesday, March 18, 2009


So I have sometime before a run so I think I will do a little blog post. It as been great, My running is right where I wanted it and my cycling is still very strong (Mt Lemon in a 23 on the back) We did a lot of work on the swim stroke and I have been trying to get use to the right way of swimming but i have been swimming good to. Yesterday we did a brick in this National park...the biking was unreal and the running was very hot!!! I still have lots of work to do there but for the brick we did 3.6km warm up running then did 15km bike loop followed by a 3.5km run and we did it 2 times. The bike was fast and the first run i took it out really hard but in the second run really slowed things down. I know what i need to start working on as soon as i come home. I need to started doing longer aerobic bricks. Anyways Time to run!