Sunday, February 22, 2009

Back to work

So with school being really easy I find myself less stressed and more motivated to train. I have been sick 2 times now in just 2009 I was a little mad about it, but what can you do I did go on a ski vacation. I deiced to just picked up on training again and not to hold back. I stated things off on Saturday with doing a 2 hour swim in the first 45mins I was starting to think it was a bad idea to start so soon again but after 45min I really started to hit my pace. I did a run on Saturday and today. Both were just 5km tempo but today I added 5x100m strides just to feel some speed and get out the spider webs.

So its about 3 weeks until I leave for Arizona and I am pumped! Today took all I had just to get my lazy butt out there. I am sick of the cold weather!!