Sunday, February 15, 2009

skiing trip and other things

So The skiing in Lake Placid was awesome! The weather the first day was a little had on and off rain and as the day went on it got colder and i was a little under dressed. It was good to get out and do some real terrain park skiing. I don't do rails and stuff but show me the biggest jump and I will do it. I do have a video of me doing one of these massive table tops, and I hope to but it up on the blog with in the week.

Some bad did come out of this trip I got sick :( but it is not that bad of a cold. I can still run and bike its more just a little inconvenience. I have also added my 2009 race season, it is not set in stone but it is a very good out line.

I have a high school swim meet where i will be doing the 200m and 100m free, my old pb in the 200m is 2:19...I have a good feeling that i will see a 2:14-2:12 and in the 100m I think i am going to go under 1:00 my pb is 1:00 so i think i can go faster. The meet is on February 18th. I have been swimming my butt off and I am going to do some 400m and 800m free to get some quest for gold standards. Last year I swam a 4:46 4:00m and this year I am a much better swimmer so I think I can see something like 4:36. As for running I have been doing big time base training and I have done much more running then last year so I think we will see a very fast 5km May 3rd. I also did my first brick workout I did 45min bike on a very hilly ride then I did a 6km tempo run. My legs took about 2km before they really got going and the least 4km i was really moving .

anyways that's been my life in the last little bit.

*the skiing thing is in this video i added to the blog

Karsten Madsen