Sunday, June 20, 2010

Quick Guelph lake update and stuff

*you can see me with out a cap just getting out of the water

Some good and some bad came out of Guelph. In the sprint race had a good swim and bike but had a little over heating problem on the run...I will figure it out before my big race this weekend. i will admit that I have problem racing threw the heat so my goal is to get better heat trained... fingers crossed mother nature can give me some heat!! I also did the Olympic swim today and had a pretty good swim even though David or somebody punched me in the eye so my one goggle popped off and i got a nice black eye... but you can see in the picture how close I was to them even with missing the pack with the goggle problem. I then took the other lap really easy.

I have some little work i need to to work on some bike to run but i will figure it out. I leave for Quebec on Thursday, driving down with Taylor and Yorke anyways that's all i got.

maybe an update around Wednesday