Saturday, January 16, 2010

Feeling good!

So far January is going really well. starting to find my running legs and feeling strong in the water. Yesterday at swim practice the main set was short but fast! It was 8x100m on 1:20, the fastest pace time of 2010. The first 4 I felt good but the last 4 I started to fall off pace so it kinda felt like a 400m all out. Then at today's practice one of the main sets what 3X500m paddles on 8:00 decent 1-3. I am starting to feel the water and get in the grove of 6-7 swims aweek.

Running has been going good as well. Just doing longer miles right now. I am trying to get out 5x a week and run anywhere from 90mins to 30mins. I want to have a big base under me before I go to Arizona this year.