Thursday, September 1, 2011

2x winner of Mine over matter!

On Sunday I won my second mine over matter off road triathlon title. I set out to work on a lot of thing in that year and this race really showed I fixed some problems. My swim was alright, not used to leading a swim so i was kinda all over the place. My bike is where i saw a big jump. I road a steady pace and didn't go to hard to keep my body fresh for whistler. I still had the fastest bike split in the race. The run was what I was most happy to see I ran hard and was going fast 3:28 per km is not bad for having to run threw trails etc.

I am in a really good mind set going into whistler. I know how I need to race to have a good result. The men pro race is a very deep field of some veteran xterra pros so just hope to keep learning and maybe find my self in a good place

Karsten Madsen