Thursday, August 18, 2011

xterra mexico

I had a great time in Mexico The guys putting on the race really rocked! Everything was taken care of I didn"t even have to lift a finger or open my wallet! The race was good I was 4th out of the water about 2:00min down from Seth Wealing and 1:00 down form brandon. I was 4th out of the water. The bike started very slow being at 8000 feet really hurt me and I was doing my best to keep myself out of the red zone but some of the climbs were very hard to do that. I had one pretty big crash flying down the mountain it looked worse then what it really was. I was 4th off the bike

On the run was when things started to fall apart my legs started to cramp (didnt drink enough and lost all my gels in my crash) I also got chased by a dog and went down the wrong street and lost some time. I was yelling xterra and people where pointing me the way i needed to go. I finished 8th not a bad result starting to move up! Next up on the Xterra global tour is whistler xterra. It will be at only 2000 feet so it will be a lot easier on me!

I am also in the process of getting a inhaler. Having a hard time getting air in when I am working out.

Some pics from mexico and cottage with meaghan

Good luck to c3 and my friends in guelph racing Nationals