Saturday, February 27, 2010

Febuary is almost done?

So with Feb almost being over I soon get ready to pack my bags and head down south. Training post A-fib as been the same I haven't held anything back I have been swimming with a pretty high intensity and running big miles. Even with the set backs I have had this year I am going into 2010 best prepared then any other year. I have some pretty big goals in my mind and I am well on my way to them.

Arizona is going to be a big stepping stone in terms of getting my warm weather base training under way. I have started to bike indoors with some consistency. I just tried out my new Specialized Tarmac and it is awesome. I feel fast and Strong on it, thanks to GEARS for the bike and the bike fit! I want to go into Arizona injury free and with high fitness. I will be working on what races I want to do in the 2010 season so hope to have a pretty good idea by Friday.

Karsten Madsen