Monday, April 1, 2013

Looking forward to some big racing

This is the first year since 2009 that I have really started to feel excited to race. I have been putting together training again really well. I have been swimming a mix with university of Waterloo and a bit on my own. I need to up my number with the university I never get the same return from swimming on my own. I am still swimming most open water 1500 in about 20min and want to crack into the 19 range more time I can put on the weaker swimmers the better. This year I'm going to work on my open water swimming my pool times are not reflecting the people I come out of the water with. As for cycling last week I rode 279km and did 2 brick workouts one of them being 5km tempo/hard i wont give up that time (it surprised me how fast it was) The running for me has been rolling nice since my Labrum injury been getting a full mix of tempo speed work and distance my long run sits at 23km and will Max this year at 25ish km. Im so excited to race I was looking at some last year results from Xterra Southeast champs and if I can do the same time as last year I will be in 8th spot but I think its not unlikely to see my self in around 6th with some better fitness etc and better luck on the bike. I don't normally compare results year to year but when you start feeling fitter then last year its hard not to look. My line up on race day I will be riding a new bike this year Specialized s-works Epic From GEARS bike shop with Shimano xtr (after all the problems I had with sram xx it was easy for me to go back to what I have used for years) My bucket will be Rudy Project Windmax, light and great air flow and looks awesome! My glasses will be Rudy Project again all the glasses they make feel and feel awesome on your face. I will change it up race to race but I am a very big fan of the genetyk race suit will be Champion System pumped to use the new material they came out with feels awesome! running shoes will be taken care of by Altra full zero drop line up great shoes! CEP has my Back on compression for before during and after the race ! did some skiing in march in Vermont nice place think i will go back in the summer for training hear the mtbing is awesome!