Tuesday, June 7, 2011

feels nice to be back

Wanted to welcome 2 new Sponsors. Rudy Project and Stable 26

Rudy Project makes great Sun Glasses and Helmets! By far the best glasses I have ever used! I wanted to pass along my discount code to everyone so you can see for your self how great the stuff is. Made in Italy just awesome! Enter VIP code: kmadsen that will give you 40% off *additional discounts do not apply

Stable 26 makes socks that have inserts that are filled with silicone. It fills the gaps that running shoes have. Keeps my foot locked in place when I run. Also as Many of you know I enjoy to ski and play hockey so no matter what shoe boot or hockey skate Im in my heel can be locked into place. You need to check this out great injury prevention! http://www.stable26.com/

Also today had my first run back today got into the 30min with out pain and also didn't have any stops. This is a big step. I also had in my Stable 26 socks.... they freaking rock!