Monday, August 10, 2009

2 races 2 wins

When my watched started to beep at 5:30am yesterday I felt like crap. My head hurt and I didn't feel ready to race. I got to the race site and started in my warm up and still didn't feel good. I was happy to see my good Friends Dorelle and Alexander at the race (Dorelle was not racing because she is getting ready to have a big race in PEI)

As the swim stated i had a really slow start but got my head in the game and jumped on Matt Reids feet. there was a group of 7 all 15 seconds apart I was 4th out and only 11 seconds down from Tom Lokody. I had a very fast transition and made up time on most people. I hit the bike and started to put the hammer down I had put a gap into everyone and at around the 2km mark I was about to pass Tom Lokody but held off because we had a sharp right hand turn. Tom hit the turn first and washed out, the road was a little wet. With me about to pass I was very close to him and almost went down myself but I kept the bike on 2 wheels. I hit the big hill and I wanted to stick with my game plan of not going to hard up. It worked no one passed me up the climb and as soon as I was up it I started to fly agian I still had the lead on the bike going down the hill but after seeing Tom go down I was scared of washing out myself and the lead car got stuck behind somee other cars so lots was going on down the hill. I knew that I lost a big part of my lead going down the hill so i knew that I would need to have a good run.

I was first out of transition but not in good shape I was very tired from a hard swim to bike so my first km was very slow but started to pick it up knowing I had fast guys behind me. After alot of help from Jerry (lead car/biker) I won my first Triathlon in Ontario. Its about time!!!! it felt awesome to win but still something I was not Happy with. My run was trash because I pushed alot of the bike hard. I should have been about 12 seconds faster per km. With duahtlon worlds comming I need to have some better running.

The last 2 races I have done I have won lets hope I can do it at Xterra! Game plan very fast swim hang on the bike and try not to lose alot of time then hammer the run and try to win.